Karnataka state electric vehicle policy


Karnataka was the first state in the country to introduce a policy dedicated to electric vehicles. The Karnataka Electric & Energy Storage Policy, 2017, operational for five years, is expected to give the necessary impetus to the electric mobility sector in the state, and attract investments. The Government of Karnataka intends to make Bengaluru the Electrical Vehicle Capital of India.

Key highlights

  1. Attract investments of Rs 31,000 crore and create 55,000 jobs - both from supply and demand side.
  2. Create a conducive environment for transition to EVs from the Internal Combustion (IC) engines.
  3. Focus on developing R&D, and special initiatives for EV manufacturing such as making industrial land available to create EV manufacturing zones.
  4. Support for charging infrastructure, and research development and skill development incentives and concessions.
  5. A startup incubation centre for EVs, and startups will be encouraged to develop business models focused on EVs.
  6. A venture capital fund for research in EV mobility.
  7. All electric vehicles, including e-rickshaws and e-carts, are already exempted from GoK payment of taxes.
  8. Policy to provide incentive to shift auto rickshaws, cab aggregators, corporate fleets and public transport systems into EVs.

As several regions across India are putting in their efforts to switch to a cleaner mode of transport, Bengaluru has actively been a part of the list, working to make its transport run on batteries. Based on this, the state minister for large and medium scale industries, KJ George announced on Tuesday that 50 percent of the government run vehicles in the state will be converted to electric by 2019.

"The aim is to replace 50% of petrol and diesel vehicles used by the state government staff in Bengaluru to eco-friendly electric vehicles by 2019," KJ George was quoted as saying during the Future Mobility Show 2019.

A few states like Andhra Pradesh have announced new electric mobility policy and aims to attract an investment of Rs 30,000 crore as part of its plans to convert its capital Amaravati into an EV-only city. Karnataka government also launched an electr...

Charging stations is one of the major issues that need to be addressed and the government's policy will throw much light on how these stations will come up and ways to regulate them.

Academy of EV Technology - Bengalore Branch

Electric vehicles off to a good start in 2019

Tamil Nadu's plans to purchase 2000 electric buses, Karnataka aims to convert half the government vehicles in Bengaluru to electric by 2019 end. Further, Delhi has allocated Rs 100 crore to electric vehicles in its budget for 2019-20.

Ke-vehiclearnataka became first state in the country to have e-vehicle policy in place after the State Cabinet approved the Karnataka Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy

EV charging stations business open to individuals

Individuals may soon be able to open public electric vehicle charging stations without applying for licences, though there will be a cap on the tariff they can charge from EV owners.

The government has not set any qualification criteria for opening public charging stations but these will be monitored and have to meet specifications and performance standards set by the power ministry


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